Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring time & Rewarding Myself

Well, what do you know! It is the First of September!

Although I do not like where the weather is going at the moment, I can't help but get caught up in all this spring business. Everyone is cleaning and sprucing up their homes and their lives alike, and I want to get in on this!

This is the time of year where there is a lull of family occassions, that time between my holidays, Mr Bond's birthday, and Christmas, where I have the blissful time to focus on myself (outside of everything else!) but I find that I rarely do.

I already started working on small goals with Mr Bond with help from the chalkboard on our kitchen wall, and do you know what? It's working! We have already started having dinner sitting out our little table, have been taking multivitamins, and this week, we successfully cooked every dinner that I had planned from our weekly shop.

That was the first goal that I made with a reward in mind. You see what rewards can do?

So this time, I am not going to let this opportunity go! I'm going to take this time to make some goals that are all about me!

Mr Bond can tell you, especially, that I don't take much time out for myself, or really care for myself at all. So I think I deserve this.

(♥)  Go to Japanese Yoga at 710am on Saturday mornings at my gym, every single week during September. It's a more dynamic yoga class, I've been for three weeks now, and its great!
(♥) Take my Multi vitamin, my Zinc+ and my B Complex every morning, and chlorophyll every night, to work with my Aunty the Nutritionist, to help clear up my very sore skin.
(♥) Buy the Shea Butter products from L'occitane (which doesn't burn my skin! Yay!) to help get my skin healthy again!
(♥) Limit my sweet intake to weekends and nights out only, so I can help curb this sugar habit fueled by stress.
(♥) Take my lunch to work four days a week.

I think that is enough for now. But who can forget the rewards!

(♥) For Yoga, I get to treat myself to a swim costume, and a sauna at the gym!
(♥) For the multi vitamins, and the skin products, I get to have a mani/pedi! And hopefully, if they work, clear skin!
(♥) Limiting the sugar? I get to go to the Lindt cafe and have a special sundae!
(♥) And taking lunch to work? I get to save money and put more into my wedding fund!

It may seem like a lot, but I've learned that the one way to get your arse into gear is to not only see a result at the end, but actually get REWARDED for it! I've been doing a lot of work, but not really doing anything for myself in return. Which is why I have been failing so much in doing things just for me.

Spring is change!

And I can not wait to change myself for the better!


  1. lovely.

    i wrote this exact post yesterday afternoon. although i made goals + a little list of things that i want to do for the month.

    i think rewards are important as they keep you motivated xx

    1. I felt so bad after I read your post a few hours after posting mine! I was like, ARGH! Unintentionally writing about the same thing! Sorry!

      And yes, rewards are the most important thing to keep me motivated!


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